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Become a Yes You Can Coach!

Transform your life and help others reach their goals


Become a Yes You Can! Coach and start earning commissions and bonuses for selling our products and sponsoring new Yes You Can! Coaches who also want to be part of the Yes You Can! family.

You will have your own personal YYC! e-commerce selling website and a digital online catalog. You will also have access to a library of resources where you can learn about the brand, the Yes You Can! healthy lifestyle system, and training materials on product and business information.

Best of all: you will have the support of an incredible community that embraces the pure joy of helping others. Join our mission of “Transforming the lives of millions of people around the world to achieve physical and financial health”.

What are the benefits?

25% discount as a Coach
Your Own Business – be in control of your time and income. “In business for yourself, but not by yourself”
Yes You Can! Coach support from the company and upline leader.
Make money your way! Personal website - virtual parties - build a team.
Opportunity for advancement. You decide how fast and far you want to go.
Free Shipping on autoship orders over $350.

How to start


Start your Yes You Can! Business with one of our 4 Coach Starter Packs that provide you with the tools you need to be a successful Yes You Can! Coach. Choose the starter pack that works best for you!


Start building your list of contacts and reach out to people who you think will benefit from the Yes You Can! Healthy Lifestyle System or business opportunity.


Get connected with the Yes You Can! Community through our YYC! Coach Facebook page, exclusive webinars, and with your upline organization. Your Yes You Can! family is here to support you throughout your Coach journey.

starter pack

Your Path to Success

Business Starter Pack

Get started with our “Business Starter Pack”. This pack gives you the essential products you need to get more acquainted with our healthy lifestyle system and launch your Yes You Can! business. Additionally, we will provide you with our Nutrition Guide, the philosophy of our Founder and CEO, your own e-commerce website, and access to your own virtual back office


Coaches are people like you!

Maricel Luna

My husband is a very hard worker. He would work more than 40 hours on a consistent basis, but he was not appreciated by his company. I felt like they were taking advantage of him. When he saw the success I was having with Yes You Can! he decided to join me and he’s been very successful. We’ve been on vacation, brought on stage, and met Alejandro. Being Yes You Can! Coaches is the most rewarding experience of our lives.

Alexela Torres

At 27, I never imagined that my weight loss process would allow me to be an independent Yes You Can! Coach. In the past, I had to have 2 jobs to support my kids and cover the financial expenses of my home. A friend invited me to be part of Yes You Can! and in my first month, I had earnings working from home. I began to learn more about the business, and eventually, I made the decision to invest 100% of my time to Yes You Can!. In my second year, I was able to give the down payment to my dream house. Today, I can better educate my children, not only because of the economic benefit but because I have more control over my time and my schedule.

Luis Samra

I began Yes You Can!’s business opportunity because I wanted to represent high-quality products with an established brand in the market. Additionally, they provided me with all the marketing and social media tools as well as promotions to help me have a successful business. In just over a year, I became part of the Presidents Team of the company, which made me feel fulfilled and reach many of my goals. Today, my additional income has allowed me to enjoy my own car, travel, a new house, and being able to support my family in my country, Venezuela. I am proud to help others reach their dreams, whether it is losing weight or improving their financial situation.

Martha Oliveri

I joined Yes You Can! because I believe in their products. I had an amazing transformation and my friends and family would always ask me how I did it. I signed up as a Yes You Can! Coach and I am helping those same people reach their own transformation! I love being a coach. I earn money doing what I love.

Platinum Guarantee

Customer and Coach orders are 100% refundable

If you are interested in becoming a Yes You Can! Coach, there are no burdensome start-up costs in place. None. All you need to do is purchase a Coach Business Pack and you’re good to go!.

Customers and Coaches have full access to our team of experts

Coaches and customers have full access to our customer service team of experts. They are here to help you.



As an Independent Yes You Can! Coach, you will have the opportunity to attend special events and trainings that will provide you with the necessary tools and resources to achieve success as a business owner. Attend events all year round to help take your business to another level.

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